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Terry Vakirtzoglou-Qualia Album Presentation @ Gazarte

Terry Vakirtzoglou is a performer and an educator of Jazz music. Born in Athens, she started taking her first music lessons at the age of 12, although her involvement with music and singing had already started much earlier, by participating in local choirs.

In 2004 she was accepted to the Department of Music Studies of the Ionian University in Corfu, Greece. Greatly influenced by the strong presence of the Jazz department at her university, she started studying musical improvisation and prioritizing Jazz studies.  After graduating in 2010, Terry continued her studies at Queens College/Aaron Copland School of Music in New York, while winning scholarships from both the Fulbright Foundation and the Onassis Foundation.

In 2013 she completed her MA degree in Jazz Vocal Performance and continued  working in New York, where she appeared frequently presenting her personal projects at various venues, including “Le Poisson Rouge”, “Cornelia St Cafe”, “Swing 46” and “Silvana”.

What is Terry currently up to

Following her return from New York to Athens, Terry started to appear among outstanding Jazz musicians, in some of the most famous venues, in and out of the city center. Additionally, she has taught Jazz vocals as a guest professor at the Ionian University. Currently, she teaches modern vocals and improvisation at the Nakas Music School in Athens and at the Professional Program in Germany.

Furthermore, for the past six years she has been consistently participating in musical performances at the Railway Carriage Theater, in Athens. Together with “the Jazz Express” band they present unique Jazz tributes, which are permanently sold out. For this year, they present the “Franky meets Ella” show, a wonderful tribute show to Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, which is a performance full of talent, respect and emotion.

After all, communicating emotions and understanding ourselves through music is a continuous journey for Terry, who loves improvisation and experimentation. Her perspective on music production and creation is spirited and expressive. Her music is her stories and her non-stop wanderings to all the aforementioned places and experiences. Thus, through her music and lyrics the listener shares her personal, tender aspects and explorations, cultivating a unique and deeply personal relationship.

In 2018 she released her first personal album with original compositions entitled  “Qualia”.  At the moment, she is working on her new project called “Permathea”. The first single of the album will be released at the end of March with the title “Disco Blues” and is a song dedicated to those who use art to survive daily difficulties, by letting go and becoming part of the artistic process.

Terry Vakirtzoglou

Feel through sound, listen through the heart