Creator and performer Terry Vakirtzoglou just released “Disco Blues”, a new song which is also the first single from her new musical project, an album called “Permathea”.

Following her musical career so far, Terry offers us a unique trait: to feel deeply through her music and lyrics, while listening through our hearts. Contrary to the music that she has released so far, “Disco Blues” comes as an exciting surprise: it is a powerful, vigorous track that stands out for its dance rhythm.

This lively energy stems also through the track’s lyrics – after all, failure becomes meaningful only when we get back up each time we fall. According to Terry, art and music are the driving forces behind this, giving us the tools to continue our daily fights. Rhythm, dance and powerful lyrics enable us to find the strength within ourselves; the strength needed to endure even the worst, darkest moments.

“Disco Blues” is a musical description of the despair, the uncertainty and ugliness of everyday life, while it simultaneously captures the healing power and change that only love, art and of course, the love for art can bring in our lives. It is only through this kind of love, that a person can free themselves from anxiety and finally connect with their true selves and needs.

Our life can change – we only have to wake up, let the negative energy and thoughts go and get carried away by the rhythm.

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Song Credits

Vangelis Stefanopoulos (programming producing) and Kostas Constantinou (electric bass and producing) also participated in the creation of “Disco Blues”. They are both exceptional musicians with their own professional career in the Greek jazz scene, who meet in Terry’s new project, framing it with highly technical skills and experience, but at the same time contributing with unique artistic  creativity and sensitivity.

The single is available on all digital platforms:

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