My Latest Music

  • //Disco Blues//

    Disco Blues is a musical description of the despair, the uncertainty and ugliness of everyday life, while it simultaneously captures the healing power and change that only love, art and of course, the love for art can bring in our lives.

  • //Sad Christmas//

    I'm feeling kind of blue, although it's Christmas day, I feel just like a loon, my mental state's at stake, I never thought it'll be that way, But I'm feeling mighty lonesome on this Christmas day...

  • //Qualia Album//

    Qualia is Terry’s debut album. It is an attempt to communicate feelings and states of awareness that people may experience throughout their life.

  • //I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free//

    A song first recorded by the great Jazz diva Nina Simone covered by Terry Vakirtzoglou and released in 2015.

Feel through sound, listen through the heart